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Take a complete 360 immersive walk through virtual tour of the ArrowCat 32RS.

Info about ArrowCat 32RS

This redesign moved the transom wall .45-meters aft, allowing for the expansion of available space and the launch of the ArrowCat 32. Not only do you get nearly half a meter of additional aft deck space, but an optional cabinet at the aft edge of the deck may be configured at the factory as either a grill cabinet or a live well. With this additional space, fishing with four has never been easier. The swim deck extends to the end of the motors to provide unhindered access for fishing, swimming, or diving.

Who created this Virtual Tour?

This 360 virtual tour panoramic/spherical VR photography was done by Prestige Vision Inc. A leader in global VR Photography and Sales Tools. Prestige Vision creates the finest and most recognized yacht virtual tours and aircraft virtual tours online. The most effective sales tool to sell yacht aircraft and real estate.

What is the best Virtual Tour Software to use?

This virtual tour is built using VRCloud.com online platform, the #1 online virtual tour software for building, hosting and publishing custom 360 virtual tours. Amazing virtual tour software and sales tool for the professional, company, or enterprise.

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